Clyde Studio Tools Depicted

Posted by Dani Griffiths on

With a vision and a little help from our studios tools we are able to mold, shape, punch, brush and roll our hats into their individual shapes and styles and send them out into the world.

Shown below are a few of our most commonly used devices. 





Tool: Snap Press

Used For: Attaching snaps to the band of the hat and corresponding neck shade.  Neck shades keep you cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter and can be tied around your neck for those gusty days.  


Tool: Hat Steamer

Used For:  Steaming the hats to soften up the material before molding and shaping.  Also used to keep hats looking their best, steaming allows any dents or marks in the fabric can be brushed out with a fine bristle hat brush. 


Tool: Hat Stiffener

Used For:  Setting the hand sculpted styles into place.  


 Material: Elastic 

Used For:  Making head bands that line the interior of each hat


Photo and story by:  Caroline Gohlke