Clyde is a New York City-based label designed by Vancouver native Dani Griffiths. After moving to the city in 2008, Dani exercised her aptitude for fashion as a buyer and merchandiser while cultivating the roots of Clyde. The collection began as a selection of discerning, crocheted wool accessories, and since then has steadily evolved to include a range of hats that are blocked by hand in New York, gloves sewn in Italy, and bags made in an artisanal New Jersey workshop. 

Sharp yet classic and smartly cultivated, Clyde has caught the attention of distinguished publications and ardent admirers worldwide. The hats, in particular, possess a sculptural beauty while maintaining a straightforward wearability–this balance perfected by hand finishes and considered design.

Clyde aspires to not only be a part of the wearer’s story but to help tell it by encouraging individual experiences that can, in turn, impart personal meaning to each and every piece.