Dani Griffiths plays a set to cruise to if you choose to. Light up and roll on. She Lives In My Lap recorded live on The Lot radio 04/26/16.



A highly anticipated mix made for Clyde by Ivan Berko of the musical groups Hidden Fees and Moon Tan. This sonic journey is just the pillowy smooth flight one needs to embark on after the holiday hustle. Ivan requested that when downloading the mix that the listener receive incense and a candle on the side soo..... you know what it's like.



The Gentle Road to Friendship is a mix by John Kirby, our long time friend and a great source of inspiration. Kirby is a master of the synth, you may have seen him enhancing the live shows of Blood Orange, Sebastian Tellier or Cant (to name a few). His most recent output is a project with artist Cara Stricker called DROOL. An album of the duo's was released on Terrible records last summer.




A mix made two springs ago for Clyde by our good friend Lamarabi aka Tim Koh of Ariel Pinks Haunted Graffiti.